Saturday, November 29, 2008


What activity I miss now is kayak. We couldn’t go kayak anymore because only the members of that club are allowed to kayak. How disappointing is this…!? Me and my friends have gone kayak last year few times and we all are eager to go kayak again.

Some of them never kayak and ask us to invite them when can go kayak. Hopefully they will allow us to go kayak again next semester. The times when I go kayak with my friends are still fresh in my mind. The first time I go kayak, the first time I make people fall into the lake (sorry ye.. hehe..), the first time I invite people to do something together and make them wet, the time when I invite people to go kayak but did not happen because the equipments were locked, the time when we get mudded when want to carry the kayak and also the time when we joined kayak race for faculty days.

This all are priceless memories for me. It can become very tiring or it could be very relaxing. Some of us prefer to race among ourself and chase each other and also sometimes we prefer to just relax in the middle of the lake and have a chat. I still remember my friends and I waited for the bridge to be finished so that they will allow us to kayak. Upon the completion of the bridge, we did kayak for few times, but it did not last long because of the new rule where it is only for the members. Will these precious time will come back..?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time is passing by

2 and a half year have passed by and leaving us with only half more years. Am I the only one that realizes these or it is just that no one cares about this matter? What am I talking about? All my coursemates surely knows that I am talking about our university life. Some of my friends don’t like the university life and I don’t know why.
Maybe it is because they miss their hometown and family. Or it could be that the life here is quite hard for them because of the food, exam and assignments. They say they can’t wait for the university life to over and go back home. Every semester they go back home early and don’t want to enjoy with friends here. As the saying goes ‘no pain no gain’, we have to endure the suffering to get the happiness.
Don’t they realize that after this university life is working life? Do they think it is easy? In my opinion, university life can be made as our best time of life. This is the time we should enjoy, surely not to forget the main purpose to enter university which is to study. But surely study won’t take all of our time in university. I tried to enjoy to the maximum with my friends for most of the things they invite me to join them such going for hiking, swimming, picnic and also go to friend’s house for Hari Raya. Ya, I know all this are small and common things, but this is the things that we will remember and cherish in the future after we are graduated and become old someday. It is no use if we regret in future. It is not like we have the power to go back to time.
After half more years we might not even see each other, so why don’t we all enjoy and cherish the remaining time we are together. Don’t forget some of us are from west and some of us are from east. It’s not like we can drive or walk to other side. We might only able to meet each other accidently someday.
I did thought that maybe someday we can make reunion so that all of us can meet again in the future but would everyone give the support? I have a big doubt that all of them will give support. Some of them might just don’t want and maybe some of them just too busy with their work. Nobody knows what going to happen in the future. Surely someone in other place also has the same or almost similar feeling that I have now for the same issue or maybe for something else and if you do, please share it.