Monday, March 23, 2009


Why is it so easy for people to misunderstand whatever we do? Whenever we try to enjoy and be friendly, people will think different things about it. They will think that we are up to something. Can't they just take it as it is? Can't they just believe that we do something simply because we like to do it not because we plotting something behind it? Sometimes life can really be confusing and complicated. Even the simplest thing can be made complicated in the eyes of people. I wonder will there be a time where this things won't happen.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Special days

Everyday suppose to be a special and unique. Life will be boring if everyday are the same. That’s why sometimes even trial and hardship in life can come in handy to make us go through something that is different and it also make happy things even better. Can u imagine yourself going through life where everyday you do the same thing all over again? No matter studying or working, sometimes we will get bored doing the same routine life where we will go class or work at a scheduled time

For me, I realized the boringness of this working life when I we doing practical where my time is fully scheduled for the weekdays. Using the bus in Kuala Lumpur during practical did not help to release my boredom because I had to wake up at 5.30am for 8.30am work and reach home only at 9pm. Once in awhile we should do something extra ordinary so that we all will remember it. Memories are extremely important especially with someone we are close to. 

One of the special memories that I just gained is when I went to Rancang Waterfall with my friends few days ago. It is very important and special because the time for us to be together is limited while we are still in unimas. How I wish that everyday would be special like that.. Of course if we go Rancang Waterfall everyday we will get bored. It is just an hope that we would be able to enjoy ourself like that everyday like that day. I just can’t wait to go for another trip with friends like it.

Nobody is perfect

I have a very simple believe which is that nobody is perfect. For me, perfection can be split into 5 categories which are attitude, wealth, health, relationship and also physical appearance. Relationship category includes close relation with us such as family and friends. I don’t believe that there is anyone who is perfect in all this categories because perfection in one of the categories may lead to imperfection in another category. For example, having too much wealth can lead to attitude problem or relationship problem. Sometimes, even imperfection in one of the categories may lead to extra imperfection in another such as attitude problem may lead to relationship problem. We can control some of the categories to be perfect but we could not control some of it. This is why it is impossible to be perfect.