Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have only go hiking after I came to UNIMAS.  I have never hiked an mountain before this.I have hiked Mount Santubong 3 times and Mount Gading once. My friends and I have reached the top of Mount Santubong all the three times but did not reach the top of Mount Gading eventhough it is shorter than Santubong. This is because we went to Mount Gading for its waterfall not for hiking so we just spend our time there by swimming and not hiking. Compare to Mount Santubong, Mount Gading is really easy and more relax to hike.

I went for hiking each time with different friends except for few friends of mine who likes to hike each time we go. Each time I go hiking, I will feel like i gain a new experience. Maybe it’s because I always go with different people. I would never forget my first time experience of hiking the mount santubong where I did not bring any water and my friends also did not bring sufficient water for themselves. On the way down, I could not even taste the food that I put in my mouth because I don’t even have saliva any more. That’s why we bring extra water for the second and third time we went hiking. At the end of the first time I went hiking, I say to my friends that I would never go hiking in my life again. And then what you know? I went hiking again to the same place for the second and third time and there is a possibility for the fourth time. 

On the second time we went hiking, my friend ask me whether want to go hiking or not end of the year. I told her that I would not say that I will join because if I did, I will surely come again the next month which is before the scheduled time since before this I told people that I would never come again but I did come again the next year. Even when I did not say that I will join, I went hiking for the third time within the same year. Most probably I will go again the next year if everything goes to the plan that my friend make. I wonder who will go with us at that time.

First time hiking Mount Santubong

Second time hiking Mount Santubong

Third time hiking Mount Santubong


We all still haven't grad, but i become very enthusiasted and made this video clip from most of the pictures we took during our orientations the whole three years. I hope you all will enjoy it.

We all are different

All of us are different and unique, that is what makes us special. There are no people who are same with other people. Even twins are different among each other. Each of us for sure have some characteristic that separates us from other people and make us special. Even if we didn’t realize it, surely people around us would have. If all of us look the same and act same, we will be no different from mere robots. Every people that we see will make us feel like looking at the mirror. 

Some of us are kind, nice, polite or hardworking but there are also some who are rude, lazy or annoying. But this is what make us ourself. If you want to meet someone that is just the same with you, just look at the mirror because no one can be more similar to you than that. When there are many different types of people together, life would be more interesting and fun. Life is short, so let’s enjoy it together

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A secret is a secret

Everyone have secrets which can be small or big. Some people will share their secret with the people they truly trust and some would not even tell a soul. Secret is a matter or information that you don’t want to leak out to anyone and want it to be hidden. All of us surely don’t want to leak out our own secret right... So why do we leak out the secret that people tell us? 

To be honest, I do like to hear people tell me about their own and my friend’s secret, this shows how much they trust me but at the same time I would think that can I trust them with my secrets? They are telling me other people’s secret so surely they can tell other people about my secrets. Will they like it if other people tell their secret to other people? This is why I don’t tell people the secret that I know about other people, because I don’t like people tell my secret to other people as well. 

It would be alright if they tell their friend’s secret to a a person who wouldn’t tell anyone but if it reaches the ears of a busybody or someone who could not keep secret… what could happen? It is hard to find people who are willing to keep only the secrets to themselves only. Sometimes, eventhough we don’t want to leak the secret, but sometimes it will come out of our mouth accidentally, well… we are humans after all so we can do mistake sometimes so it is forgivable. But if these mistakes happen too occasionally, can it be called accident? 

Some of the secrets only affect the owner of the secret but sometimes it could also affect other people. When it involves other people, it would cause a greater damage if it ever leaks out. How much chaos can be caused if all the secrets were to leak out. Think about it…

Monday, December 8, 2008


In this few years, we have gone through a lot together. Some of us fight each other but it didn’t last long. Which friends never fight between each other? We might have different opinion and thinking but we can still be friends. When we did something together, we will forget our fight, problem and differences. We have made many unforgettable memories in our university life, and I’m sure most of us will cherish and remember this for a long time. From the 1st year when I meet all my university friends till now, every moment has become priceless. I still remember the time that we spend together with our friends.

Surely we will make more new memories in the future but I don’t know whether it will be better than the memories we have already made. I don’t know about others but surely I would not forget all the times we have spend together because the memories are really important for me.