Thursday, October 1, 2009

No electric AGAIN! Memories?

Just last week my house have no electric for 6 hours right on the raya day at 9pm til 3am now 2 days ago it is gone again. When is the next time the will be black out again? Next week? So hot la... But it bring back the memory from few years back.

Few months before i enter university, my house got no electric for a day. It was so hard especially when wan to sleep. Sleep on the floor was the best option and even so, i could only sleep for few hours. It was a bad experience but it became one of my sweet memory since i still remember it.

I hope i will make more memories no matter good or bad. Eventhough some of the memories was painful at that moment, when the moment have pasted, it will become a sweet memory. There are a lot more memories like this which some i can share and some i can't.