Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for sharing, sharing about me to everyone else, for telling my secrets to everyone else.  I trusted you by telling my secret to you but you didn’t have respect for what I have told you and you tell everyone else about it. You should know that the people you tell about me are also my friends. 

They will tell me or ask me about what you told them. Of course they will since they all are curious to know whether it is true or not and also to know more about it. Even if not, they will tell someone else and that person will come to me. This is what they call chain link. Even if they did not say that you were the one that tell them, I can narrow it down to a very few who could have told because not many people know about me. 

I’m not sure whether you are the one who told to all the people or not but I know for sure that you are the one who told few of them. I know you have been telling people about me for a long time now but I act as if I didn’t notice. Now i'm even hearing some rumors about me which are not true. I'm not sure whether is that you who spread it or someone else but i will find out about it soon enough.

If I want to, I could tell everyone else about you, since you also have shared with me about your secrets. But I would not do that because I’m not like you and don’t want to be like you. But thanks for letting me know that I could not trust you with any of my secrets. Don’t worry, I would not hold grudge against you, because I know we all are humans and we all have some weaknesses but I know that you can never be trusted with secrets.


Some people thinks that it is better to lie rather than telling the truth and hurt people’s feeling but sometimes, it’s not as good as they think. I know sometimes truth hurts, but when we have figured it out that what they were telling was a lie, the disappointment is just unbearable. I have been in so many situations where I have been lied to. 

They think they can get away with the lies. They think they can hide the truth from me but they do not know that there are so many prove of the actual thing. If only they told me truth, I would have understood their situation. They think I would not understand and that is what made me disappointed. For such a long time they know me, they still don’t know me. When they lie to me, it shows that they don’t know and don’t believe me. 

Eventhough I know the truth, I would just pretend as if I don’t know anything and listen to them lying. They think they can get away with the lies but no matter how hard you try to hide the truth, I will find out eventually. So just tell me the truth. For those who think that this is about them, it might be you or it could be someone else. 

Guys and girls are really different

Guys and girls are really different in their behavior and thinking. Guys will find it is hard to understand girls and maybe girls will find it is hard to understand guys but I’m not sure la.. But I know for sure that guys will find it is hard that’s why there is a saying that ‘only a girl can understand a girl’

There is a theory where it says that man and woman are different because of the way they live last time. The men will go hunting and woman stay at home caring for their children and collecting food. I have read before in a book where it says that guys are from Mars and girls are from Venus. They also give few examples and i guess it is true. 

Eventhough we are different, we still have to co-exist together because we could not live without each other. Of course we can but what kind of live would it be?