Sunday, February 15, 2009

It returns..

I thought my life was just going along well until something happen recently. Something has come back hunting me again from my past. The thing has come back again after it has hibernated for a long time. I thought I have forgotten about it and it would not be a matter for me anymore. But I just realize that I still haven’t really forgotten about it. Why do I still remember it? I thought it was over and the case is closed.  

So have I been lying to myself all this time when I thought it is no longer a matter? If I were not lying to myself, then why does that small thing affect me so much? It shouldn’t have caused me affected me so much if I really have forgotten about it since I know it is nothing and the issue is just a small thing. So it looks like I were really were lying to myself all along. Maybe I might be able to forget it fully some day, but today is just not that day. How I wish it will be very soon so that the pain and agony will just go away.  

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